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Georgia Property is a real estate information portal which is designed to introducing projects exclusively in Georgia to applicants from all over the world using three languages. while the real specification of projects in website are optimizing in three languages at the high level of standards for feeding search engines to give developers effective results.

Georgia Property consists of real estate professionals, sales and marketing managers and as well as information portal management. We offer a complete package of services like consulting, marketing,  Assessment and research for real estate developers.

Georgia property is one of the subsidiaries of Adonis International Holdings. Another subsidiaries of Adonis International Holdings is Web.Adonis.Holdings which is launched and managing georgia property website ordered by Adonis International Holdings.

About Adonis Holdings
Adonis international Holdings was founded in 2005 as the investment company that main stakeholder in a collection of international companies which are spread throughout the UK, Georgia, Iran and other geographical locations, and all participate in various related endeavors.

Adonis holdings style of management
Adonis management is based on strategic model of control, meaning that the same set of rules and standards that govern the parent corporation, also govern subsidiaries however affiliates enjoy there own independent board of directors and CEOs.

Our Team

Dr. Rakhshanfar
CEO of Adonis

Mariam Xintibidze

Mariam Khintibidze
Head of Georgia Property

Nana Kobalia

Nana Kobalia
Sales Manager

Anastasia Fyodorovna

Anastasia Fyodorova
Marketing Director

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